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Broken Eggs launches in London via Deliveroo

Searching for a taste of home through one of Spain’s most iconic dishes, brother and sister, Gabriel Larraz and Marat Verdu have just launched Broken Eggs through Deliveroo.

Delivering from a dark kitchen in Fitzrovia, Broken Eggs offers authentic expertly prepared Spanish tortillas alongside cheese and charcuterie, salads and snacks.

Between Gabriel’s former career in investment banking, Marta’s entrepreneurial soul, their shared passion for Spanish cuisine and a longing for dishes that dishes that felt truly authentic, Broken Eggs was born.

Moving to London 11 years ago, Gabriel and Mara both used cooking as a way to feel closer to home and with Broken Eggs, they are offering Londoners a medium to Spain through sharing food.

The tortilla - one of Spain’s most iconic dishes made simply with potatoes and eggs - is eaten up and down the country for breakfast, lunch and dinner, every single day. In recent years, a new wave of tortilla has swept through Spain, which has seen it evolve from its dryer ancestor to a version with a gooey, melt in the middle centre - the version you’ll find on the menu at Broken Eggs.

There is a range of flavours to choose from; each one is made to order and with great care using organic eggs and Agria potatoes (the most popular variety of potato for tortillas in Spain). The namesake dish is Gabriel’s version of Huevos Rotos, which literally translates as ‘broken eggs’ - a nest of fried potatoes topped with fried egg whites and Iberico ham and served with runny egg yolks to be poured over the top.

Then there are the tortillas; the Classic is a traditional tortilla (which can be ordered with or without onions), the Jamón - which is Marta’s personal favourite - comes with slices of hand-carved, nutty Iberico Jamon inside, the Chorizo is made with acorn-fed sobrasada and semi-cured Manchego cheese, the Courgette is perfect for veggies, and when in season the Trufa - made with fresh black truffle.

To complete the meal, you can add on freshly baked artisan ciabatta from Sciascia Storey Bakery, plates of Manchego cheese and acorn fed 100% Iberico ham, a Heritage tomato salad with chunks of tomatoes, cucumber, pickled onions and pea shoots and a refreshing Citrus salad, with sweet oranges, bitter leaf and a sherry vinaigrette.

Gabriel will also be bringing other Spanish classics onto the menu as they grow, but always with the same principle of doing everything with love and care.

Gabriel commented, “I grew up eating tortillas at my grandmother's house but also at bars with my friends, so I have a lot of memories associated with the dish. With Broken Eggs, I saw an opportunity to create something personal and unique but importantly something truly & authentically Spanish.”

Each tortilla is made to order using organic eggs and Agria potatoes (grown in England). Other ingredients are sourced directly from Spanish suppliers including 100% acorn fed Jamón ibérico and semi-cured Manchego cheese. All orders are thoughtfully wrapped in sustainable packaging including boxes from Notpla, which are made out of seaweed and are completely compostable.