Servest launches Angel Hill Food Co catering brand

Multi-service provider Servest is expanding further into the catering field with the exciting launch of new, modern catering brand Angel Hill Food Co.

The rapidly growing facilities management company recently announced its new signature coffee brand Groundhouse, and this season sees the launch of new B&I catering brand. Angel Hill Food Co. was born with one aim: to serve Britain’s businesses with invention, dedication and, above all, exceptional food. By launching this exciting new brand, Servest is capitalising on the fact that a great deal of clients can be swayed by the catering offering as part of TFM tenders.

While the launch of Angel Hill promises to bring customers something original, ground-breaking and novel, Servest has continued to ensure that the core values are reflected within the brand. Passion, reputation, originality and active are the four building blocks of the company and Angel Hill further emphasises these standards.

John Hamill, managing director of catering for Servest, said, “We’re delighted to introduce Angel Hill into the catering world. It’s great to be pioneering a new way forward for the industry and to be seen as setting the trend in terms of catering services. Everyone who has worked on the creation of Angel Hill really has a love for good food and exceptional service and has put everything into making sure it will be a success.”

Chris Ince, chef director, added, “It’s been amazing to work with such an enthusiastic team of people on something so significant. Pushing boundaries and delivering something out of the norm aligns with Servest’s focus on originality. Essentially, we wanted to create something that was ahead of the curve and we feel that with Angel Hill, we have achieved this.”

In response to the changing attitudes towards contract catering and the evolving tastes and demands of modern customers, Angel Hill Food Co. combines the latest trends and the quality of service for which Servest is renowned. The emphasis on sustainably sourced foods will further meet the needs of the modern, health conscious customer.