Premier Inn reveals tea drinking survey results on National Tea Day

To celebrate the nation’s affection for the great British cuppa and National Tea Day today, Premier Inn has spoken to tea-loving Brits across the UK to find out which city drinks the most tea, and to settle one of the most important debates of all time - what’s the perfect strength of tea?

When it comes to the UK cities that prefer a stronger brew, it’s Liverpool that’s leading the pack, and here’s how the different UK cities compare:

1. Liverpool 71%
2. Southampton 70%
3. Belfast 69%
4. Sheffield 68%
5. Leeds 68%
6. London 67%
7. Nottingham 66%
8. Manchester 64%
9. Edinburgh 63%
10. Brighton 63%
11. Bristol 62%
12. Birmingham 61%
13. Plymouth 60%
14. Cardiff 60%
15. Newcastle 59%
16. Norwich 54%
17. Glasgow 47%

So how much tea do we actually drink? The research revealed:

• We consume 205 million cups of tea every day
• The amount of tea Brits drink in a year would fill 50,000 swimming pools. If you laid those swimming pools back to back they’d stretch for 1,250 km which is roughly the same distance from London to Vienna
• In London, 25.9 million cups of tea are enjoyed every day so in a year that would be enough tea to fill up the Big Ben Clock Tower 500 times
• At our 750+ Premier Inn hotels, we plough through a huge 14.6 million tea bags each and every year
• On average, people in Glasgow drink the most tea each day and over a third (35%) drink at least five cups a day
• One in seven people in Edinburgh said cup number one on our tea chart would be the perfect strength for them
• A quarter of people in the UK drink at least five cups of tea every single day