Aldi releases traditional Japanese Sake

From healthy take-away sushi dishes for lunch to full blown mixed platters with friends, in the last five years, the trend of Japanese food and culture in the UK has exploded, and everyone wants their fix.

A lesser known tradition is the art of Sake drinking, which until now has been left to the niche of Japanese aficionados in the UK. However, Aldi’s Sawanotsuru Sake has now been introduced into stores in answer to rising demand, and allows Brits to indulge in Japanese culture at home.

Aldi’s Sake hails from the famous sake-producing region Nada-ku, Kobe and at a purse-friendly £3.99, it is almost twenty-eight times cheaper than comparable sized bottles at Nobu, the trendy Japanese restaurant and celebrity haunt.

The Sawanotsuru Sake can be enjoyed warm or chilled, as an ingredient to pep up a summer cocktail or in your favourite Asian dish.

It has a fresh, clean and delicate taste similar to a dry white wine. It is presented in a traditional box and at 330ml it is perfect for two taster glasses. Sawanotsuru Sake is available in stores nationwide now.