Crust Bros collaborates with Billy & Jack to launch first brunch menu

On Saturday 18 November, Crust Bros will launch its first brunch menu designed in collaboration with MasterChef 2016 losers, Billy and Jack.

The Billy and Jack X Crust Bros brunch menu will feature six pizzas topped with classic brunch favourites along with a few unusual surprises, decadent dessert pizzas topped with ice cream, chocolate and coffee and bubbles on tap for those wishing to go unlimited for 90 minutes.

The Billy and Jack X Crust Bros pizza brunch menu, which can be enjoyed either at Crust Bros, Waterloo or via Deliveroo include: Avocado Gonna Go My Way with avocado, mozzarella, green pesto and coriander, topped with a Burford Brown egg (optional); Haters Gonna Hate with chestnut and porcini mushrooms, cheddar, taleggio, mozzarella and marmite; Drunk in (cheese) love with potato, caramelised onion, mozzarella and drunken cheese.

The drunken cheese Billy and Jack have selected is a pasteurised, cow’s milk cheese. The cheese is aged for 18 months, the last six months of which involve the cheese being soaked in a local wine, a process known as ‘ubriacatura’, when translated from Italian means to get blind or roaring drunk.

Crust Bros is one of the capital’s latest additions to the Italian family: the doughy goodness is cooked in true Neapolitan fashion in a wood-fired oven, and then topped with inventive combos like mozzarella, pancetta, sausage and egg or mozzarella, n’duja and rocket. Each pizza has been dubbed with killer names – Notorious P.I.G., Kaling Me Softly and White Boy – and there's also a vegan or gluten-free pie.