Just Eat UK predicted 23 orders per second on New Years Day

As Just Eat, a leading global marketplace for online food delivery, geared up for one of its busiest days of the year, it prepared to deliver nearly half a million takeaway curries, pizzas, noodles and burgers to hungry Brits on New Year's Day.

Orders through Just Eat were predicted to increase strongly over New Year's Day 2017, with bacon sandwiches and full English breakfasts, being the most popular breakfast items Brits order in to kick off the new year.

Between 5pm - 7pm on New Year's Day, Just Eat anticipated 23 orders per second as hungry revellers turn to their favourite takeaway to recover from celebrations the night before.

In total, Just Eat estimates that by midnight on New Year's Day 2018, 181,000 Chinese dishes, 147,000 Indian meals and 145,000 pizzas, would have been ordered on its website and mobile app.

Takeaways Brits orders on New Year's Day, based on Just Eat data trends:

• Manchester is the UK's steak and breakfast capital
• Pizza/Italian is the most popular cuisine in Birmingham and Liverpool
• Brummies have the biggest sweet tooth as they ordered the most desserts
• Glasgow likes it hot, as a curry takes the top spot of meals ordered by Glaswegians
• Those in Oxford appear to start the year as the mean to go by being most likely to opt for the lighter option of sushi
• Londoners are the most likely to make 1 January a salad day
• Within London, the area most likely to turn to a takeaway at the start of the year is Battersea.

The top three cities outside of London that had the highest number of takeaway orders on Just Eat from 6am on New Year's Day 2017 were Glasgow, Manchester, and Leeds.