Mindful Chef launches new summer salad series

Mindful Chef, the UK's number one healthy recipe box service is delighted to introduce its new summer salad series. From prep to plate in under 20 minutes, Mindful Chef customers will now have even more time to enjoy their summer evenings.

Available at Mindful Chef from June until August, each of the new healthy salad recipes is packed full of seasonal British produce, from vibrant heritage tomatoes, sweet peaches and garden peas, to crunchy red radishes.

With four new tasty salad recipes being introduced to the menu each month, Mindful Chef customers will now have 16 nutritious recipes to choose from a week. The first recipes in the summer salad series include:

Spiced steak fajita salad, peppers & avocado
Harissa chicken, cucumber ribbons & orange (pictured)
Zingy salmon, heritage tomatoes & mangetout
Warm red pesto beans, artichokes & rocket

As with all Mindful Chef dishes, the new salad recipes are nutritionally balanced, contain only complex carbohydrates and are gluten and dairy free.

Co-founder Giles Humphries commented, “A recent study we carried out showed that during the summer months - a quarter of us will opt for lighter dishes, such as salads. It also revealed that 46 per cent of the population will attempt a diet – yet over one third will give up after just one month.

“Mindful Chef is on a mission to make healthy eating easy - these new salad dishes and our other nutritious recipes, demonstrate that by making some small changes to your diet, such as reducing your refined carbs and managing your portions size, you can see better long-term results.”