Wi-Fi & Presence Analytics for all 2,700 Star Pubs & Bars

Heineken UK, the UK's leading pub, cider and beer business and operator of the Star Pubs & Bars pubs has selected Wireless Social to be their Guest Wi-Fi partner.

This move is driven by Heinekens strategic objectives set around improving the digital experience, guest engagement, and gaining a better understanding of customer behaviour; an effort designed to support the licensees generate more revenue through increased visits and customer loyalty.

The service provided by Wireless Social includes a branded guest Wi-Fi login page, tailored for each venue, which also includes options to login in via Facebook, the ability to collect user profile and contact data, and presence analytics reporting. By combining the presence and guest data from all of the venues, Heineken is able get a true measure of conversions, visit frequency, loyalty, and guest behaviour. This in turn will help drive decision-making around which activities yield the best results for generating additional footfall for the venues.

The lessees will also benefit by having a branded guest login journey, which directs guests to their social media pages or websites to promote the venue’s services and activities. By collecting the guest’s contact email address, they also have the facility to send targeted, ongoing email campaigns to engage guests and to encourage more repeat custom.

Messages to guests can be sent automatically via integrations with existing marketing platforms such as mailchimp, or, should the operator choose, via the Wireless Social fully managed service. This is an additional provision designed to help the busy tenant by managing their email marketing entirely.

Lawson Mountstevens, Managing Director, Star Pubs and Bars, commented, “We evaluated a number of options and found that Wireless Social were best equipped to offer improved digital experience, guest engagement, and analysis of customer behaviour; an effort ultimately designed to support our operators and help them generate more revenue.”

Julian Ross, Wireless Social CEO, added, “We are delighted that Heineken has selected Wireless Social. As a business, we have focussed all of our efforts on building a product specifically designed to meet the needs of the hospitality industry. By having a brand like Heineken recognise the benefits is a real endorsement. We look forward to seeing the positive results for Heineken & Star Pubs & Bars.”