Deliveroo growth soars with 80,000 global restaurants

Deliveroo is today revealing that its rapid global growth continues as the number of riders and restaurants the company works with continues to soar.

Last September the company announced that it was entering its 13th market, in Taiwan. Now, across all markets, the number of restaurants using the company’s service is up to 80,000, up 60% since last September. The company can also reveal that across 2018, 130,000 individuals across all its markets did deliveries, showing more and more people are choosing this popular well-paid, flexible work.

Restaurants who partner with Deliveroo see their revenues increase by up to 30% as the company enables them to reach new customers they would otherwise be unable to. In 2018 the company launched Marketplace+, a unique service in the food delivery sector which allows restaurants to fulfil orders using either Deliveroo riders or their own fleet. This extends delivery services, meaning more choice for consumers.

Deliveroo has recently improved its offer to partner restaurants with the launch of Restaurant Home, a new feature which gives restaurants access to unique data analysis they can use improve their performance. The company has also updated its app to give restaurants more control over promotions so customers will see more tailored discount offers.

Deliveroo is improving its offer to riders. Deliveroo has launched its ‘Cash Out’ feature, which enables riders to opt to receive their fees instantly from the app at the tap of a button, should they wish to. Deliveroo has also teamed up with UK fintech company, Portify, a digital tool that offers users support with filing tax returns online, online support with personal budgeting, and a range of perks and rewards.

And Deliveroo is continuing to improve its offer to consumers. With more restaurant selection, more Editions delivery-only sites and more Virtual Brands customers will have more choice through Deliveroo than ever before. And Deliveroo’s tech team will be working to make the consumer experience on the platform more personalised, ensuring people see the restaurants that match their tastes.

Deliveroo’s growth and improved offer has seen its global workforce grow to 2,500, with over half based in the UK, marking the company as a major British tech success story.

Deliveroo UK MD Dan Warne said, “Deliveroo’s priority for 2019 will be to continue to extend the number and variety of restaurants on its platforms, becoming the definitive food company by offering the best price, selection and service for consumers.

“We will continue to find new and exciting ways to be the partner of choice for restaurants and to ensure we are offering riders the well-paid, flexible work we know they value.

“We are proud to be helping local economies in all our markets, in particular in our fantastic home, the UK.”