LACA survey shows majority of school caterers serve breakfast

A survey on 57 LACA members found that 89% of the schools in which LACA’s members operated serve breakfasts, demonstrating the lengths school caterers go to make sure children benefit from hot, healthy and nutritious meals throughout the day.

LACA, the school food people, conducted a survey to gain a better understanding of breakfast in schools as Covid-19 continues to have an impact on the most vulnerable children and families.

Of the LACA members surveyed an average of over 23,000 breakfasts were being served in primary schools as well as over 3,000 in secondary schools. Almost half of those surveyed said that after-school meals are provided for children and over a quarter of schools provide meals during the holidays.

LACA believes that a whole school approach to food in necessary in order to tackle childhood obesity and to provide vulnerable children with the nutrients they need to power their learning.

Commenting on this survey, LACA’s national chair Stephen Forster, (pictured), said, “This data shows the hard work that school caterers across the country are undertaking to make sure that children get fed.

“As we recover from the pandemic, ensuring that all children have access to hot, healthy and nutritious meals throughout the day is imperative. We hope that the Government considers this in the coming months as we look ahead to the updated school food standards.”

LACA has long argued that school food standards should apply to all food served in schools including breakfast and after-school provision.