UKH welcomes easing of restrictions for international tourists & business travellers

Responding to the government’s announcement today, that international visitors to the UK who are vaccinated against Covid-19 will no longer be required to test on arrival, has been welcomed by UKHospitality.

Kate Nicholls, CEO, UKHospitality, said, “This is a sensible and pragmatic step towards normality, given the encouraging fall in cases, the general easing of restrictions and given the UK’s position as a leading destination for international tourists and as a major business and commerce hub.

“This is a very welcome shot in the arm for hotels and tourism-reliant businesses, as we learn to live with the virus. It will deliver much-needed confidence for international travellers destined for the UK. Our hospitality and tourism industries have endured extremely challenging times and our hope is that this marks the start of a more benign phase for both society and business.

“It comes at the start of what can be a very positive year for the UK economy and for tourism particularly, given the calendar ahead which includes the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee and the Commonwealth Games.'

Nicholls finished, 'With the right conditions and support, this industry can help to drive the recovery, to growth and job creation, and reassert the UK’s position as a leading destination. To support this year of revival we would urge Government to extend the reduced rate of VAT for hospitality and tourism.”

The new rules will come into operation at 4am on the 11th of February, and will apply to all inbound visitors to the UK, including UK citizens returning from overseas travel.