Just Eat reveals Londoners’ favourite takeaways

Just Eat data reveals chicken and Chinese cuisine top the list as the favourite takeaway options for residents in numerous boroughs of London. However, in Barking and Dagenham, Caribbean and Turkish food is rising in popularity, whereas Greenwich residents have a growing preference for Japanese and African cuisine.

Chinese restaurants Beijing House and Mr Chinese have come out on top as Newham and Lambeth’s most popular independent restaurants respectively, whilst Barking and Dagenham residents opted for fish and chip restaurant Queen’s Fish Bar as a firm favourite. Meanwhile, Italian eatery Pizza Base is Greenwich residents’ top independent.

The data also reveals hidden gems in each area which are highly rated and popular upon arrival to the app. These include The Pepper Tree in Lambeth, and Katsu Shoku in Greenwich. Barking and Dagenham and Newham residents both favour Caribbean spots with Whap Whap Kitchen and Caribbean Charcoal making it onto the list.

Greenwich is the home of early sleepers and early risers, with the highest number of orders being made between 6am and 11am, compared to other boroughs. A favourite place for breakfast in Greenwich is Fingal's Bakery, offering a selection of best quality bread, scones, savouries and fairtrade coffee.

On the flip side, Lambeth residents emerge as night owls, with late-night purchases making up almost 10% of all orders, nearly double the rate of Greenwich. The most popular destination for a late night meal in Lambeth is Pizza 2 Night open until five in the morning for delivery.

The findings also reveal that:

• Across the four boroughs, Greenwich residents order the most takeaways, followed by Newham and Lambeth.

• Chicken orders top the list, followed by Chinese, in the boroughs of Newham, Lambeth and Greenwich.

• The roles are reversed in Barking and Dagenham, where East Asian cuisine orders came out top, followed by chicken.

• In all four boroughs, takeaway order favourites remain pizza, Indian, kebabs and fish & chips, which are all ranked amongst the top ten most popular cuisines. However, there is an increase in demand for Caribbean, Turkish, Japanese and African cuisines.

• Dagenham residents have the biggest sweet tooth out of the four boroughs, with a special shout out to SWEETSLER for their popular cookie dough, smoothies and waffles.

Fabian Fuchs, Just Eat UK London Director says: 'We're thrilled to unveil the latest insights into the capital’s vibrant takeaway scene, showcasing the diverse food preferences across London boroughs. Just Eat is delighted to connect customers with thousands of restaurants across the city, from beloved local favourites to hidden gems. This data highlights the diversity that makes London's food culture so exciting, and we're proud to offer exclusive discounts to celebrate the local restaurants that bring joy to our customers' tables.'

Sami Wasif at The Pepper Tree said: “At the Pepper Tree, we’re all about great-tasting Thai and East Asian cuisine. Our restaurant is set right in the heart of Clapham, so we’re delighted that we’ve been featured as a Lambeth hidden gem.”

Md Nasir Uddin Chy at Katsu Shoku said: “Our chefs have many years of experience preparing Pan Asian cuisine and bringing the enjoyment of delicious Asian food to our customers - it’s great to be recognised as a hidden gem in Greenwich by Just Eat.”

Rasharn Hamilton at Whap Whap Kitchen said: “We first opened our business in 2009, but our ethos has always been the same; serving up tasty food which is a joy to eat. We look forward to continuing to serve the residents of Barking and Dagenham.”

Mohammed Kabir at Caribbean Charcoal said: “Our aim is to bring sunshine to Newham residents’ doors with our Caribbean food. We pride ourselves on being masters of Caribbean cooking, and we’re thrilled that our island cooking continues to prove popular with our customers.”

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