Victor Garvey to open first City of London restaurant in March

Chef and restaurateur Victor Garvey, of award-winning Catalan restaurant Rambla, has announced that he is to open his first restaurant in the City of London, Barullo, this spring.

The 64-cover site at 19 Bevis Marks will specialise in food from all over Spain, from classic tapas dishes to paella, as well as new dishes especially created by Garvey.

Scheduled to open in early March, Barullo will be a lively, colourful space open six days a week from lunch through to late evening. As well as lunch and dinner to eat in, Barullo will offer its full menu as takeaway, ideal for City workers, for collection and delivery, as well as being licensed to retail wines and beers.

Dishes guests can look forward to at Barullo include: KFC ‘Kiko Fried Chicken’ - Sherry lees-brined chicken dusted in roasted corn nuts, fried with an alegria pepper chutney; Paella ‘La Masía’ - Saffron Calasparra rice, ‘Gambon’ giant prawns, confit pork belly & tail, fire-roasted piquillo peppers; Roasted & Pressed Suckling pig - Salsa verde, kohlrabi & green apple slaw, and Toasted Coconut Ice Cream - Sour cherry marmalade, Pedro Ximenez reduction.

Translating literally as ‘hubbub’ or ‘commotion’, colloquially barullo means the moment of a party when the host gives up trying to keep order and the fun really ‘kicks off’; it’s this energy which Garvey is hoping to recreate in his new restaurant.

Garvey said, “I want a visit to Barullo, however long or short, to feel like taking a trip to Spain; an escape from the daily grind whether that means a leisurely dinner or grabbing some really great lunch to take back to the office.”

Barullo will take the number of restaurants operated by Garvey to two, along with Rambla; Garvey closed his Covent Garden wine bar Sibarita at the end of 2018 to focus on opening Barullo and a forthcoming new restaurant in Soho, Bar Jaleo, which has been delayed but is still planned to open in 2019.