CAMRA says disallowing standing with pint huge blow to community pubs

CAMRA’s Scotland Director has made comment after Deputy First Minister John Swinney MSP said on BBC Radio Scotland that ‘vertical drinking’ may not be allowed in pubs from 9 August,

Joe Crawford (pictured) said, “These comments from the Deputy First Minister are extremely worrying.

'Being allowed to order at the bar is all well and good but if, from 9th August, pub goers can only have a drink whilst sitting at a table that means our smaller, community locals still won’t be able to operate at a normal capacity or trade at a level they need to make ends meet.

“This is huge blow for consumers, pubs and the breweries that serve them who were hoping to be joining England and Wales in moving towards normality.

'Our pubs need to be allowed to start to recover and rebuild from a devastating 18 months of closures and stifling restrictions so they can continue to play their part at the heart of communities and in tackling loneliness and social isolation.'

Crawford concluded, “There is absolutely no sense in ministers allowing large groups to congregate on dancefloors in nightclubs but not allowing 2 or 3 friends to stand and chat with a pint in their hand at their local pub.”