Revolution Bars reveals nation’s favourite serves in 2022

It’s no secret that we love a cocktail or two in the UK but which serves came out on top in 2022, and which cities love them the most?

Revolution Bars Group has looked back at its best-sellers for the year, analysing over six million serves, and the results are in to reveal Britain’s biggest fans of Pornstar Martinis, Mojitos, and which city is calling the shots!

The Pornstar Martini continues to reign supreme for Brits, taking the top spot with an incredible 364,000 of them sold this year for Revolution alone.

For 2022, it’s Liverpudlians’ passion for the Pornstar Martini that makes them the biggest fans of the cocktail in the UK, with a whopping 25,000+ serves sold in the city this year. Honourable mentions include Manchester, Nottingham, Leeds and Glasgow, who follow Liverpool’s love of the Pornstar Martini respectively.

Manchester takes the crown as the UK’s biggest lovers of Espresso Martinis, closely followed by Glasgow and then Leeds. The classic Mojito has also gone down a treat in 2022, with over 125,000 served across the UK, and the most being served and enjoyed in Manchester!

Hot on its heels is Aberdeen, followed by Pornstar Martini-loving Liverpool.
Revolution can also reveal that Aberdonians don’t just love Pornstar Martinis, but they’re also fond of lining up the shots! In fact, there were more shots sold at Revolution Aberdeen than in any other of its 49 bars across the UK this year, followed by Leeds and Bournemouth.

In 2022, the top five serves for cocktail lovers in London were the Pornstar Martini, closely followed by the Revolution Zombie, Blank Canvas (which features bespoke Revolution Ice Cold Flavour allowing for a customisable cocktail), the Long Island Ice Tea and the classic, Sex on the Beach.