JD Wetherspoon boss criticises media reports over its food and drink prices

“Tim Martin, Owner and Chairman of JD Wetherspoon”
JD Wetherspoon's chairman, Tim Martin, has taken issue with media reports regarding the chain's food and drink prices. He criticised a Mail Online article published on August 15 for containing 'a number of errors.'

The article was headlined 'Wetherspoons delivers a major blow to punters wanting a cheap bite to eat as it hikes food prices by 13% - how much has YOUR favourite meal gone up by?'.

However, the pub group said it wrongly claimed pint prices at Wetherspoon's airport and city pubs had 'rocketed to an eye watering £7'.

Wetherspoon said one draught pint beer, Leffe Blonde, had increased to over £7 at the Moon under Water pub in Leicester Square in London, but this was not the case for any other product at its other sites.

'It is misleading and inaccurate to state that Wetherspoon 'pint prices' are now £7.00 in city pubs,' the company said in an update to the London Stock Exchange this morning.

The article also stated the price of an All Day Brunch with an alcoholic drink at the Oxted Inn in Surrey was £11.11 when the correct price is £10.82.

'The price of a Ham and Cheddar Cheese Panini was stated correctly as £5.53 but failed to notify readers that this price also included a free soft drink,' JD Wetherspoon added.

This marks the second time in the past two months that Tim Martin has criticised media coverage of the chain.

Earlier this month, Martin said reports Wetherspoon was closing pubs had created 'unnecessary alarm' and criticised 'hyperbole and exaggeration' over the claims.

In July, he said it was a 'misinterpretation' to describe pub closures as a 'money raising exercise' and said in most cases there was another Wetherspoon pub in proximity.

Martin said: 'Wetherspoon has identified a number of errors in recent Daily Mail articles. It is important for the press to maintain a reputation of providing accurate information for the public.'