Ottolenghi launches first restaurant outside of London

The Ottolenghi group has recently debuted its first restaurant and retail establishment beyond the confines of London, now situated at the prestigious Bicester Village shopping centre in Oxfordshire.

The establishment, marking the brand's ninth in total, accommodates 85 indoor guests and boasts a spacious sheltered terrace with seating for 60, ensuring enjoyable al fresco dining experiences throughout the year.

Adding to a series of recent expansions, this latest venture for the group continues its growth trajectory. Founded by chef Yotam Ottolenghi in 2002, the group presently operates six delis scattered across London, alongside a thriving retail and catering division. Additionally, it oversees two standalone restaurants, namely Nopi and Rovi.

Ottolenghi Hampstead, as depicted in the picture, commenced operations in late 2023. Subsequently, in January, the group obtained planning approval to launch its first restaurant south of the Thames, slated for London's Richmond area.

At Ottolenghi Bicester Village, patrons can expect a menu akin to that of other establishments within the group. Mornings greet visitors with a tempting display of breakfast pastries arranged atop the counter, accompanied by delightful morning selections such as shakshuka and scrambled eggs.

Come lunchtime, the pastry assortment yields to generous salad bowls, offering a refreshing array of choices. Additionally, patrons can indulge in newly introduced hot main courses, such as mac and cheese adorned with za'atar pesto and feta, or baked pasta featuring burnt aubergine and tahini.

For those seeking an evening dining experience, the à la carte dinner menu presents tantalising options. Guests can savor dishes like sweet and smoky chicken breast paired with lemon yogurt, or indulge in lamb kofta accompanied by bulgur and caramelized onions. To complement these delectable offerings, a curated selection of wines and cocktails awaits, including the enticing new Bicester Spritz.

In addition to its culinary delights, Ottolenghi Bicester Village also offers an array of merchandise. Visitors can peruse and purchase Yotam Ottolenghi's renowned cookbooks, alongside stylish tableware selections. For those looking to take a piece of Ottolenghi's culinary magic home, packed products like granola and pita chips are also available for purchase, ensuring a taste of Ottolenghi's flavors wherever you go.

In 2022, Emilio Foa assumed the role of group chief executive at Ottolenghi, transitioning from a position at the luxury furniture retailer Oka. His appointment aligns with the company's strategy for 'measured' expansion, particularly focusing on enhancing the deli business.