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BrewDog creates 50/50 meat & veg burger

Independent craft brewer BrewDog is today announcing the launch of the new ‘HYBRID Burger’, available now in BrewDog bars across the UK, Europe & USA. The burger, made of 50% beef and 50% Beyond Meat, is the perfect meal for the modern flexitarian and meat lovers that are struggling to change positively their diet.

The environmental and health benefits of moving towards a more plant based diet are well-known, but millions of meat eaters are still struggling to make the change. The lure of a juicy burger on the menu can often be too strong to resist, and there are still some people that don’t believe that vegan and vegetarian food will deliver on taste. And for many of those that do change their diet it is hard to maintain a vegetarian or vegan diet.

With the HYBRID burger, BrewDog is offering a completely new option that can help both flexitarians and meat eaters alike to do their bit for the planet.

BrewDog wants to offer something to suit everyone’s tastes, providing a healthier, environmentally friendly alternative to the traditional burger with zero compromise on flavour. The HYBRID burger stands for achievable, everyday change – helping people to do their part for the environment, without the challenges and restrictions many perceive in a wholly vegetarian or vegan diet.

Sandwiched between two eye-catching green matcha tea buns, the HYBRID burger is topped with melted vegan Gouda cheese, crispy onion straws and a potato rosti, and to help introduce more meat eaters to the world of plant based, flexitarian dining, BrewDog will be offering 50% off the HYBRID burger at all UK BrewDog bars* this week.

From 3-10 October 2019, customers can drop into their local BrewDog bar and just say “Flexitarian” when ordering a HYBRID Burger to enjoy it at half price and take the latest flexitarian taste test.

The HYBRID burger joins a menu peppered with fantastic vegan and vegetarian options, including the house favourite ‘buffalo cauliflower wings’ and the ever-popular ’Hail Seitan’ burger.