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Adam Handling’s Eve Bar launches new cocktail menu

Chef Adam Handling’s zero waste bar, Eve Bar has launched a brand-nww menu, inspired entirely by the kitchen upstairs at the Frog in Covent Garden.

The bar team has worked hard to ensure the menu is in keeping with their value of sustainability by utilising seasonal ingredients and achieving an interestingly unique cocktail list featuring by-products from the restaurant, which would otherwise go to waste.

Eve Bar houses its very own drinks lab, enabling the Head Bartenders Giulia Gazzetto and Marco Grisafi to ferment, fatwash, distil and carbonate their creations in house to conjure up some incredible flavour combinations for their cocktails.

Utilising kitchen waste, the team use the lab to distill red cabbage to create the liqueur in Purple Rain (Discarded Grape Skin Vodka, Passion Fruit Syrup, Vanilla, Red Cabbage Liqueur & Molecular Champagne), as well as fermenting wasted grapefruit from the bar for their Palomita (Patron Silver Tequila, Cognac, Lacto-Fermented Grapefruit & Chilli Liqueur, Santoni Bitter & Lime).

For Tiki-Ero (Bacardi Carta Blanca, Discarded Banana Peel Rum, Allspice, Vermouth, Coconut Syrup & Lime) the bar team have infused the Bacardi Carta Blanca with discarded clementine skin, and to garnish their Ultimate Beet cocktail (Bombay Sapphire Gin, Honey, Tarragon, Discarded Beetroot Shrub, Sherry, Peychaud’s Bitter & London Essence Soda Water), they add leftover beetroot shrub from the kitchen.

Along with the menu being zero-waste focused, the new list also takes inspiration from older and lesser-known classic cocktails, such as Tea Punch, Rusty Nail and Naked & Famous, as well as unusual flavour profiles that unexpectedly pair well together like white chocolate and black garlic or cabbage and vanilla.

To accompany the cocktails, Eve Bar’s food menu is unlike any other in London. Offering a bar snack tasting menu which pairs perfectly with the drinks, guests can taste their way through intricately prepared snacks including: Cheese Doughnuts, Crab Coronation, Duck and Pancakes, Egg and Caviar and Beetroot and Blackcurrant tarts all created to complement the signature drinks.