New Vacherin CSR report highlights another year of record achievements

Leading independent London caterer, Vacherin says that foodservice businesses can still combine record performances commercially and in CSR terms whatever the global future economically and politically - according to its newest sustainability and CSR report.

The 3rd edition of the annual Vacherin Cares report published today shows that Vacherin has matched another record-breaking year in sustainability with 14 years of unbroken financial growth.

The report names sustainability landmarks including: becoming a zero waste-to-landfill company; converting over 5,000kg of coffee grounds and 6,000 litres of rapeseed oil to biofuel; and sourcing, preparing and serving 3,900kg of cosmetically rejected fruit and vegetables.

These achievements come as Vacherin continues to enjoy commercials success. Vacherin announced last week (20/4/17) that annual turnover rose by 14.4% in 2016 - exceeding £17 million for the first time, with 380 staff now serving over 3 million customers for 34 clients.

These outcomes are the result of wide-ranging, long-term and increasing investments in three areas: food; environment; and community. Examples of innovation in these areas include: expanding its ‘A Greener Choice’ planet-friendly food range, continuing its successful ‘Red Meat Free Mondays’, and the increasing its ‘I’mPerfect’ fruit and vegetable commitment.

The ‘Red Meat Free’ activity alone reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 74 tonnes last year, while I’mPerfect saved delicious produce from going to waste in the supply chain.

Vacherin also retained its Three Star rating from the Sustainable Restaurant Association and has accredited almost 20% of its client sites with the same accolade.

Partnerships with coffee-recycler Bio-Bean and social enterprise Luminary Bakery, plus volunteering projects with local charities including Deptford Reach are further examples of increased innovation. Vacherin’s community volunteering programme saw employees give 232 hours to social enterprises over the last 12 months.

Vacherin’s Sustainability Lead, Zoe Stennett-Cox said, “Unexpected changes on the global stage and the impact that these may have on environmental legislation will not diminish our commitment to CSR nor our industry’s responsibilities towards it. Our clients tell us they want greater provenance transparency, less waste, and healthier food.

'Vacherin has delivered this time and again and still managed consistent turnover growth throughout its 14 years. This motivates our staff; inspires our clients, and is quite simply good for our business.

'We believe every single caterer and foodservice business can make a contribution - however small - which when combined can make a significant collective impact.”