Mindful Chef believes healthy recipe boxes are key to buoyant share prices

The co-founder of the UK's top recipe box delivery service, Mindful Chef has made comment about Blue Apron in the wake of New York startup’s announcement yesterday.

Founded by Matt Salzberg, the US firm provides a similar service to Mindful Chef, and stated it would be lowering its IPO to $10 per share amid concerns that Amazon’s and Whole Food’s intentions to merge could threaten startup growth.

Robert Grieg-Gran said, “Blue Apron has gone from an idea to a $2 billion public company in less than 5 years. How its share price compares to its last private fund raise says more about the frothy valuations in US venture capital than it does about the phenomenal success achieved by Matt and his team.”

Grieg-Gran and the Mindful Chef team remain optimistic about opportunities for growth in the UK.

Mindful Chef was set up in 2015 by three friends in their mid-20s – a former athlete and marketer, financier and a personal trainer – all-time poor and fed up with what the high street and supermarkets had to offer.

The growth of the business has been astounding, achieving a four-fold increase in both revenue and sales in less than 2 years.

Having set out to deliver over half a million meals across the UK and its operational hub, Mindful Chef now packs over 100,000 ingredients per week into 476 different combinations.

The company's core product and approach is in-line with millennial attitudes and is anticipating the continued growth in the online grocery shopping trend and wellness boom in the UK.