CAMRA says energy price cap needed from new PM to stop £20 pints & pub closures

CAMRA Chairman Nik Antona has commented on the announcement of Liz Truss as the winner of the Conservative leadership contest and new Prime Minister.

Nik said, “I’d like to congratulate Liz Truss on her appointment as the country’s next Prime Minister. We look forward to working constructively with the new Government to protect and promote the nation’s pubs, social clubs, breweries and cider producers.

“CAMRA is urging the Prime Minister to take urgent action to introduce an energy price cap to help the UK’s world-famous pubs and breweries with the astronomical energy bills which threaten to destroy livelihoods and close scores of pubs for good.

“If pubs increased prices for consumers at the same rate as their energy bills, we would be paying £15 or £20 per pint at the bar – which obviously isn’t viable.'

Nik ended, 'Without help reaching them quickly many businesses that survived the pandemic will be forced to close their doors for good with devastating consequences for communities up and down the country.”