Consumers’ interest in responsibly sourced seafood continues to grow

With consumers’ tastes and shopping habits evolving and sustainable sourcing, health and nutrition being crucial to their decision-making, find out how seafood meets these credentials – and how UK retailers can capitalise.

As consumer tastes and shopping habits evolve, the interest in responsibly sourced seafood is growing, marking it as a vital, healthy and delicious component in the food security conversation. But to keep its unique qualities front of mind, it is imperative that the seafood industry takes a leading role, guiding consumers towards making informed choices.

At the recent Norway – UK Seafood Summit, the consensus was clear: fostering deeper cooperation is essential for industry stakeholders to meet evolving consumer needs and ensure a sustainable food supply. As consumers look to retail to help them make conscious choices, retailers are rising to the challenge, implementing responsible Sourcing strategies and raising awareness of sustainably sourced seafood. This is cultivating stronger trust between consumers and retailers, and is also motivating stakeholders across the seafood value chain to collaborate towards a common goal.

Highlighting the seafood category through inspiration and celebration ....

Despite seafood’s clear value as a delicious nutritious protein, there are several well-known barriers to consumption, which have also been heightened by economic concerns.

For many consumers, the decision to incorporate seafood into their diets involves a delicate balance between the desire for healthier eating habits and the constraints of their budgets. This balancing act, although a short-term concern, is exacerbated by the current economic climate, characterised by high inflation and the escalating costs of essentials like fuel and food. Yet, amid these challenges, the nutritional benefits of seafood endure as a compelling reason to prioritise its consumption.

As the world demands an ever-greater supply of sustainable protein, seafood’s health benefits make it a key dietary choice for the future.

In today’s dynamic seafood market, fostering close collaboration with the industry is paramount to understanding and addressing the factors that influence consumers’ confidence in purchasing seafood. To sustain and expand the category, it is imperative to provide consumers with enhanced guidance, inspiration, and a deeper appreciation of the origins of seafood products. By celebrating the responsible sourcing of seafood and highlighting its journey from ocean to plate, greater confidence and understanding can be instilled among consumers.

This approach not only builds trust but also reinforces the value of responsibly sourced seafood in meeting both consumer demand and sustainability goals. Through industry collaboration and a concerted effort to educate and inspire consumers, a future can be shaped where seafood remains a valued and essential component of the culinary landscape.