Bellfield Brewery to become first UK gluten-free beer manufacturer

Edinburgh-based Bellfield Brewery, the UK's first entirely gluten-free brewery, has launched a crowd-funding campaign offering members of the public the chance to invest in the business.

The firm, started by Giselle Dye and Alistair Brown, had already attracted more than 47% of its target capital of £150k through private contributions made by invitation only. Between Tuesday last week, when the offer went public, and Friday the amount raised climbed up to £82,500.

Investors are being offered a combination of an equity stake alongside a number of rewards such as exclusive bottlings or the chance to brew their own beer at the brewery, which will be set up in Edinburgh.

The money raised will be used to rent premises and fit them out with brewing equipment. Four sites in Duddingston and Portobello are currently under consideration.

The brewery is developing a range of beers and lagers that are naturally gluten-free, with its first products expected to be on sale by autumn 2015. The range will include a premium India Pale Ale, the flavour and style of which is difficult to perfect using entirely gluten free ingredients.

Sales of craft ale in the UK are estimated at £438m a year and the sector is growing. The company believes it can achieve a market valuation of between £5.8m and £10.9m by 2018, when it hopes to achieve revenues of £2.76m and expects to employ nine people.