JJ Foodservice says takeaways to play key role in easing inflation pressures on Brits

JJ Foodservice has predicted today that UK restaurants and takeaways will play a major role in helping to feed families in an affordable way as inflation tightens for UK households.

Speaking to Sky News, Mushtaque Ahmed, COO of JJ, said, “In 25 years, I’ve never seen so many price increases from suppliers within the space of a few months.”

The announcement came as the Bank of England warned that the inflation squeeze on UK homes will get worse.

“We can all expect to pay more for our food, that’s not something we can change,” said Ahmed. “As the cost-of-living increases, our local eateries and takeaways will play an even bigger role in helping to feed families who are looking for value and convenience.”

The wholesaler supplies more than 93,000 restaurants, takeaways and homes with fresh, frozen, and ambient food and drink, together with packaging and cleaning products.

For restaurants and takeaways, the changes mean paying close attention to the cost of ingredients.

“We expect to see more chicken on menus – even in fish and chip shops,' added Ahmed.

Poultry will continue to be the 'most cost-effective protein', compared with white fish which continues to soar in price.

Innovating to offer value
JJ’s fish and chip customers are quickly adapting and innovating to the changes with alternative species, lower-cost proteins, and creative side dishes on menus.

Ahmed, who is optimistic about the future, expanded, “We’re seeing everything from chickpea fritters and smoked sausages to burger and wing concepts on menus. It’s this entrepreneurial spirit that will help to keep feeding our local communities in a convenient and affordable way.

“People will not stop eating out. It’s a small pleasure that we all enjoy,” he added. “We have faith in the resilience of the restaurant and takeaway sector and will continue support our customers with quality products, availability, and service.”