JJ Foodservice celebrates record sales of £270m

National wholesaler JJ Foodservice has reported sales of £270m for the year ended March 31st, 2022, up 22.5% on the previous year.

The foodservice wholesaler attributes growth to several factors including the re-opening of the hospitality sector after the coronavirus pandemic and the retention of new consumers gained.

In addition, an increase in JJ own brand sales and working closely with suppliers to maintain stock levels, despite supply chain disruptions, contributed to the positive figures.

Chief Finance Officer at JJ, Edward Lanham said, “Our customers have recognised the savings they can make by shopping own brand. We have more than 600 private label products, which offer high quality, great value alternatives to many leading brands.”

In the financial year ending March 31, 2022, 36% of total sales came from JJ own-brand products, an increase of 20% for the same period, the previous year.

The own-brand range offers JJ a better gross profit margin, even after passing on some of the savings to customers, thereby contributing significantly to turnover and profits. Popular own-brand lines include Super Crisp chips, Letsdough bakery and VIVAT water.

Warmer for Longer Chips, part of the Super Crisp chips’ family, were launched at the height of the pandemic to help the buoyant delivery market to keep chips hot in transit. Meanwhile, a host of new lines were added during last year’s supply chain disruptions, including new takeaway boxes and microwaveable containers.

Product availability remained at a robust 98.7% despite the disruptions.

The wholesaler has launched a new own brand page on its website to make it easier for customers to find quality, affordable options during the cost-of-living crisis.

JJ Foodservice operates across eleven UK branches, offering food, drink, packaging and cleaning products to businesses and the public, with no membership required