Pret A Manger launches Spring Menu with bright new salads & rolls range

Pret A Manger has unveiled its Spring Menu, featuring a new, elevated sandwich category of rye rolls, with each recipe inspired from classic flavours from around the world.

Helping to further upgrade lunchtimes, Pret has also introduced three new salads to its range, all using fresh and top-quality ingredients, making sure customers don’t have to endure soggy, lackluster salads this spring.

First up in the new additions is the freshly made Miso Chicken & Greens Salad, made using British chicken breast coated in a rich miso and tamari mayo on a bed of salad leaves alongside edamame soya beans, crunchy carrot and mooli slaw, pickled cabbage and carrot, and long stem broccoli. It’s topped with sesame seeds, fresh mint, Pret’s famous crispy onions usually only seen at Christmas, and a pot of zingy green dressing made with lime and coriander.

Next is the vegan Tamari & Ginger Aubergine Salad featuring roasted aubergine, smoky chargrilled peppers, edamame soya beans, sliced radish and refreshing cucumber. Topped with Pret’s famous crispy onions and sesame seeds, this innovative new salad is finished off with the all-important tamari & ginger dressing and half a lime.

Joining the salad range is the new Pesto Pasta Salad featuring tubetti rigati pasta and cannellini beans coated in a bold basil & pine nut pesto on a bed of salad leaves with fresh mozzarella, juicy roasted tomato and chargrilled peppers. Topped with a sprinkle of cheesy roasted breadcrumbs, freshly baked in Pret kitchens every day to ensure they’re crunchy, this salad includes a side of French dressing and a wedge of lemon.

Alongside the new range of freshly made salads, Pret has also introduced a full line up of fresh hand crafted barley and rye rolls, using bold, high-quality ingredients, each with a filling inspired by a recipe made famous around the world, which aims to shake up the sandwich category for customers.

The Scandi Style Salmon Rye Roll combines quality Scottish smoked salmon with fresh veggies and herbs on a layer of mustard mayo, with crunchy cucumber, served in a crusty barley and rye roll.

Inspired by its US shops, Pret is introducing the New Yorker Rye Roll featuring British Pastrami, mustard mayo, gherkins and topped with a sprinkling of the famous Pret crispy onions, pickled cabbage & carrot and peppery rocket.

Veggies can also enjoy in the new Aubergine Parmigiana Rye Roll (also available at Veggie Pret) bringing a taste of Italy to the UK with its red tapenade coated aubergine and shavings of matured Italian cheese, roasted tomatoes, fresh basil leaves and a sprinkle of cheesy roasted breadcrumbs, freshly baked in Pret kitchens every day to ensure they’re crunchy.

Katherine Bagshawe, UK Food & Coffee Director, exciaimed, “I’m excited to be launching such innovative recipes into two fairly traditional, sought after categories for customers, and for us at Pret – salads and sandwiches!

'We hope that the new menu helps to highlight what makes Pret, Pret. And that is firstly, our dedication to always creating new products using the most delicious seasonal ingredients, taking inspiration from around the world and adding a Pret twist.

'But also, our secret ingredient is including things that only Pret can do, by making things fresh in our kitchens every day, like the freshly baked cheesy breadcrumbs which are a real star of some of these products.'

Accompanying the new freshly made salads and rye rolls are two new items, and the return of a vegan customer favourite. The Sriracha Chicken Salad Wrap is a new wrap made up of British chicken breast coated in Pret’s sriracha sauce topped with carrot mooli slaw, fresh mint, coriander, spinach and crunchy cucumber and finished with a dab of miso mayo.

Customers can also try Pret’s new vegan Aubergine Banh Mi Baguette – a baguette filled with roasted aubergine coated in Pret’s tamari and ginger dressing on a layer of sriracha sauce, crunchy cucumber and topped with carrot & mooli slaw, fresh coriander and a sprinkle of Pret’s famous crispy onions.

And customers can celebrate the return of the vegan Smoky Carrots & Falafels Sandwich made using sweet potato falafel with smoky carrot ribbons, gherkins, pickled cabbage and carrot with a layer of Pret’s siracha sauce.

For vegans, veggies and flexies, Pret will also be offering a set of new salads from Veggie Pret shops including the Sticky Mushroom Salad Bowl – sticky roasted hoisin mushrooms on a bed of salad leaves topped with avocado, diced mango, our pickled cabbage & carrot salad, edamame soya beans, brown rice and finished with a sprinkle of fresh mint and zingy green dressing; the Pesto Pasta & Mozarella Salad Bowl and the Miso Aubergine Salad Bowl.

Pret Coffee Subscribers and smoothie fans alike can rejoice in three new real-fruit smoothie flavours launching just in time for the summer months.

Tropical Peach Smoothie, a blended mix of frozen mango, peach, pineapple and passionfruit; Berries and Cherries Smoothie combines a mix of frozen strawberry, cherry, mango, banana, raspberry and blackcurrant; and finally, the Sweet Greens Smoothie which is a mix of frozen mango, spinach, avocado, kale, ginger and lemon zest. All freshly blended by Pret’s expert Baristas.

Joining the menu are also a selection of new fruit pots including Tropical fruit salad made of pineapple and coconut with passion fruit seeds, Seasonal fruit pot which includes chunks of piel de sapo melon with blueberries and pomegranate seeds and the perfect summery fruit pot the Watermelon & Lime.

Customers can rejoice in a favourite bakery item Bakewell Slice - made of a shortbread base topped with a light almond sponge and raspberry jam, finished with flaked almonds - is making its return to the menu this spring just in time to enjoy during Jubilee celebrations and outdoor picnics.