Waitrose reveals UK’s favourite condiment

It’s a well known fact that we’re a nation of condiment lovers and there are few topics more controversial than whether you prefer ketchup or brown sauce on a bacon sarnie.

According to Waitrose magazine's survey, ketchup is king when it comes to chips, enthusiastically dolloped and squeezed by 37% of us – closely followed by vinegar and mayonnaise.

It’s a tough fight between red and brown sauce when it comes to a bacon sarnie: 29% are in the ketchup corner, while 26% champion brown sauce. Others revealed roguer tastes: suggestions included barbecue sauce, harissa and even Marmite.

We're a nation that likes to be prepared for a condiment emergency. Just over a third of us keep 5-6 jars or bottles in our fridge.

Mayonnaise and chips is most popular in the South East, while people in the North East heed the siren call of curry sauce. Head to the North West to find the headquarters of dipping chips in gravy.

Vinegar is still the most popular choice with the older generation: 42% of those over 55 love it on their chips, compared to just 19% of the under 34s.

There’s also a clear condiment generational divide. Garlic mayonnaise, hot sauce, sweet chilli sauce and barbecue sauce are all enjoyed much more by the 18-34s.

While ketchup was the most-chosen condiment to take to a desert island, plenty of voters had other ideas – including chilli pickle, homemade chutney, mint sauce, soy sauce and Nando’s Perinaise.

Londoners like it hot: 12% of those in the capital say they ‘always’ add a chilli condiment to their food. They’re also the most likely to take their bacon sandwich with mustard.