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Introducing Della Vite Zero: A Premium NEW Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Rosé

Della Vite, the award-winning brand founded by the Delevingne sisters, Chloe, Poppy and Cara, is embarking on a new chapter with the launch of Della Vite Zero, a non-alcoholic sparkling Rosé, available exclusively at Selfridges this June. Rooted in sisterhood, Della Vite Zero is ready to shake up the industry, champion inclusivity and prove that opting for alcohol-free doesn’t mean compromising on taste, fun or new experiences.

Embodying the fun and free-spirited nature of the Founders, Della Vite Zero is filling the gap with a premium non-alcoholic sparkling rosé that appeals to wine connoisseurs and gourmands; a brand evolution that authentically represents where the sisters are currently in their lives. Continuing their mission of building a range of carefully crafted, vegan-certified, sparkling wines that revolutionise and elevate the category, Della Vite Zero is testament to the sisters’ commitment to providing a premium option that embodies flexibility and mindful consumption.

Following in the footsteps of the other products in the range, Della Vite Zero has already picked up a Silver Award at the Global Low & No Wine Masters, gaining global recognition among Masters of Wine and Master Sommeliers. With the upward trajectory of non-alcoholic drinks growing exponentially, the sober curious movement is increasingly showing a desire for alternatives that prioritise flavour.

Crafted with authenticity and togetherness, Della Vite combines jovial passion with celebration in every sip. Expect guilt-free bubbles with fragrant notes of red berry, cherry and blossom on the nose before fresh red apple flavours on the palate finishing with smooth bubbles that mimic the sensation of sparkling wine.

56.8% of people are dissatisfied with the options available and alongside this, 71% of consumers are also becoming more health conscious, concerned about the long-term effects of alcohol consumption. Staying true to its challenger nature, Della Vite Zero boasts one of the lowest sugar and calorie levels in the market, offering the perfect bridge between those seeking healthier options without compromising on taste or quality.

From one family to another, the Delevingne sisters work closely with a 4th generation French winemaking family in the region of Beziers, France, who cultivate Della Vite Zero using Grenache grapes, which undergo a careful de-alcoholisation process to retain the complex flavour and increase the freshness of the wine. Della Vite Zero is a category-defining non-alcoholic, sparkling rosé that aims to challenge pre-conceptions and appeal to all including wine connoisseurs and gourmands.

Numa Heathcote, Chief Executive Officer at Della Vite, shared: “From our research, 70% of exis4ng and poten4al customers say that ‘taste’ is the biggest driving factor when choosing alcohol-free op4ons, yet 55% are dissa4sfied with current offerings on the market. These findings demonstrate how so many people aren’t sa4sfied or inspired by the category, which is why we created Zero. Crea4ng a delicious alcohol-free op4on allows us to speak to an exis4ng community as well as invite a new and wider audience; emphasising how everyone can celebrate any occasion without compromising on flavour, whether you drink alcohol, or not.”
For the flexi-drinker, sober-curious or teetotaller, Della Vite Zero is uncompromising in quality, spontaneous in occasion and free-spirited in celebration - the ultimate companion or perfect gift for a well-rounded and healthy lifestyle, ensuring that wine aficionados remain at the centre of the party – with or without alcohol.

Della Vite Zero is available to purchase online and at Selfridges this June.
Full stocklist available on request.

Della Vite Zero (750cl) online - £14.95
Della Vite Zero (750cl) Selfridges - £15.90

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