Crussh launches app

The Crussh App, available now for download on The App Store and Google Play, offers loyalty schemes across juice, smoothies and coffee, and allows customers to pre-order and pay for collection using their phone.

Crussh will utilise the platform’s push notification function to send exclusive food perks to customers such as Friday treats and discounts for different stores.

Using iBeacon technology, the App recognises the user when the customer enters the store so payment and loyalty become automated and hands free.

Main features of The Crussh App:
COFFEE LOYATLY CARD: Users can access a new coffee loyalty card scheme, which will only be available on the app.

FREE COFFEE ON DOWNLOAD: Upon download, users will get a free coffee which they can redeem at any location of their choice*.

PRE-ORDER: Users will be able to pre-order & collect juices, smoothies, coffee, lunch or breakfast, skipping the queues in-store.

SEAMLESS PAYMENTS: Users can pay for their items via their phone, without even touching it! If a user is logged in, the Bluetooth beacons in-store can pick up the customer’s profile & charge them remotely from their app balance.

Helen Jones, Head of Marketing at Crussh commented, “At Crussh we’re all about improving wellbeing and the app will help make it easier for customers to order, pay and access our menu and nutritional information, all at the click of a button.

'The app will reward customer loyalty with multiple loyalty schemes, exclusive rewards and regular food offers.

'What also really excites us about launching the app, is the opportunity to better understand how our customers behave, and the ability to use this data to improve their experiences with Crussh.”