Just Eat launches Anticipation - L’Eau de Just Eat fragrances

Just Eat is introducing a limited-edition range of three fragrances under the name of Anticipation – L’Eau de Just Eat.

The food delivery company said it's 'taken the exhilaration that rushes through your body as you tear open your favourite takeaway, and bottled it. We've created more than just a fragrance. We've captured emotion. And want you to release it.'

The very limited-edition range of perfumes and fragrances includes:
Pepperoni Passion Pour Femme
Embossed with ruby-rich paprika playing off the baritone base of pork and beef, all spiced up by a piquant flick of black pepper, the Pepperoni Passion Pour Femme excites, punctuates and emanates hints of primordial pleasure.

Masala Essence Pour Chambre
At its core, the Massala Essence Pour Chambre is subtle luxury. The profound silkiness of the coconut dances with grace alongside the blushed tones of tomato paste and rhythmic hints of garlic to effortlessly envelop any space. Whilst the staccato hints of chillies add a vivacity that is hard to ignore.

Thai-Green BambooFresh
Banish any lingering smells with this vibrant array of joyful pastel aromas. The Thai-Green BambooFresh is an eccentric herbal mix complemented by an audacious marine scent that fuse together to produce an exultant aroma. One spray and you’ll find yourself playing in tropical idylls.

The whole collection is released officially at 12:00 on 1 April 2018. That's right, on April Fool's Day.