Chiquito launches savoury churros trial today

UK’s biggest Mexican restaurant Chiquito today announced the launch of the exciting new dish - savoury churros.

The yummy treat is usually served as a sweet, fried doughnut dessert, sprinkled with sugar and or cinnamon.

Chiquito, from today, is offering three savoury versions of the classic dish, which will be trialled nationally across all their restaurants. If they prove popular with diners, they will join new and classic Mexican dishes on the Chiquito menu.

The newly created churros include Chicken and Churros, Churro Chilli Nachos, and Bacon and Syrup churros.

This summer, Chiquito launched its exciting new vegan menu aimed at taking vegan to the Mex-Level. The Vegan Menu was launched at the same time as a brand refresh which focuses on bringing fun back to food in line with Chiquito’s belief that life always needs a little salsa!

Chiquito hopes the savoury churros will be as popular and as exciting as their existing range of loaded churros including banana & dulce de leche, raspberry ripple, and chocolate brownie with strawberries as well as traditional churros with chocolate sauce.

The oblong or knotted churros are made from choux, a light pastry dough, which is fried and sprinkled with powdered sugar or sweetened cinnamon powder. The dish can be eaten for breakfast or as dessert, and is usually served with sweet dipping sauces, typically chocolate, caramel (dulce de leche) or coffee (cafe con leche), although some versions feature berry-flavoured dips.

Churros can also be filled with cream cheese, custard, chocolate, vanilla or fruit, as well as savoury cheeses.

Historically, the unsweetened churro breadstick originally served as an alternative to fresh bread for shepherds in Spain. The name is thought to come from the Navajo-Churro breed of sheep.

Angelo Gabrilatsou, Managing Director of Chiquito, said, “Our churros have been a favourite of our guests for years and at Chiquito we’re always striving to innovate classic dishes, so this September we’re very excited to be launching three new savoury churros. Where else can you get bacon with churros!

'Inspired by modern flavour pairings these products will be available for just five weeks from the 23rd September and we hope guests will be thrilled to take our twist on such a well-loved dessert.”