Flat Iron launches Butcher’s Boxes & online shop

This November, self-taught butcher and Founder of Flat Iron, Charlie Carroll, has announced the launch of Flat Iron’s limited-edition Butcher’s Box and online shop, bringing the best quality beef to doorsteps across the UK with one click.

In 2012, the same year he set up Flat Iron, Charlie travelled to Thirsk in Yorkshire to meet third-generation beef farmer Charles Ashbridge and together they decided to put together a herd that produced the best beef possible.

Using extensive knowledge on breeds, feed and husbandry the pair nurtured the herd at the farm where they focussed on reviving and perfecting rare and native cattle. Since opening, diners have been lucky enough to taste meat from the herd via the Flat Iron specials. Now, for the first time, a selection of cuts from the Flat Iron herd are available to buy to cook at home with the Butcher’s Box.

Fans of Flat Iron are now able to recreate restaurant favourites from the comfort of their own home. Contents of each Butcher’s Box have been carefully selected by Flat Iron’s Head of Beef, Fred Smith, and hand prepared in the butchery by in-house butcher, Calum Eades.

Each limited-edition box contains a mixture of prime steaks and secondary cuts, all carefully seam-butchered to Flat Iron’s exacting standards.

The box also contains burgers made with a superlative blend only possible when dealing with an entire carcass, a relatively lean blend of mince made with well flavoured cuts and a traditionally prepared hind-quarter roasting joint, a centrepiece worthy of any feast.

Besides the Butchers Box, Flat Iron’s online shop is a one-stop shop selling their cult cleavers and 3oz whiskey flasks. Coins direct from the Flat Iron Mint are also available to purchase, which can be redeemed in restaurant, providing the perfect stocking fillers.

Carroll said, ‘We’ve always worked closely with our suppliers and have spent years rearing our own herd and understanding the relationship between different breeds, ages, finishing diets and flavour so we’re excited to be able to bring the full Flat Iron experience into homes across the Nation.

'I think now more than ever, people want to have the best of everything delivered to their door and be able to get restaurant quality food and produce at home so I’m pleased that we can provide our guests the chance to get their own hands on our incredible beef.

'Whether it’s for a special occasion or the weekly shop, we wanted to showcase the quality of all the produce that we at Flat Iron are so privileged to be able to use from our own herd of cattle.'