Brita launches world’s first data-driven intelligent filtration system

Brita Professional has launched of its industry-first smart filtration system. Purity C iQ is a data-driven water filter system designed for, and in partnership with, coffee professionals.

A game changer for the industry, Purity C iQ combines a filter, a filter head, and the cloud-based Brira iQ Portal to deliver accurate information on key performance parameters in real time.

Seven years in the making, Purity C iQ is more than just a filter cartridge. Using real-time data, it gives hospitality businesses full transparency on all the information they need to make smarter decisions and benefit from enhanced preventative machine maintenance.

By monitoring the performance and condition of water filters, the system helps businesses reduce the risk of energy-sapping limescale build-up, efficiently plan service visits, and be crystal clear on costs.

It also helps ensure optimal water quality, by monitoring incoming flow. This includes how hard the local water is, when water filters and cartridges need changing, and how much water has been used each week.

Information is precise and settings are automatically adjusted. The result? Machine downtime due to unplanned repairs is kept to a minimum, energy consumption is reduced, on-site service visits are easier to plan, and outstanding cup quality is guaranteed.

Working in partnership with customers, Brita Professional has drawn on its industry heritage to deliver the biggest innovation in water filtration since Heinz Hankammer launched the first Brita water filter jug in 1970.

Packed with smart features, Purity C iQ creates effective filtration and servicing. The smart filter head provides guidance on installation and filter flushing, while the intelligent sensor technology detects and reacts to changes in the water.

An integrated FlowMeter monitors water consumption and filter lifespan, while visual information can be viewed on the Brita iQ portal at any time.

Daniel Clarke, Commercial Director of La Cimbali UK, said, “As a world leader in the production of professional machines for espresso coffee beverages, we take coffee seriously. This innovation from Brita is something that’s been needed in the coffee world for a long time, and will revolutionise the way coffee professionals change filters.

'Previously, too many people were forced to work blind, which meant that filters could either not be changed often enough or changed too frequently. With Purity C iQ, they’re changed at precisely the right time.

“Scale within coffee machines has always been a challenge. However, with Purity C iQ, this will help us manage the situation much more closely using the Brita app. The iQ is easy to install, maintain and exchange when required, which can be managed by our engineering team or the customer directly.

'This product speaks for itself in terms of innovation and technology and will mean we can offer our customers an overall increase in cost saving, time optimisation, satisfaction, and consistently better coffee.”

David Hall, Managing Director at Brita UK, commented, “Purity C iQ is proof that not all water filtration systems are created equal. After seven years of research, not only does this smart filtration system embody the level of innovation and creativity that goes into every Brita product, it’s also an industry-first.

“By working with our customers, we were able to identify – and more importantly, find solutions to key operational challenges. The result is a product that places data at its core, helping businesses make better decisions, benefit from enhanced preventative maintenance, save money, and keep customers happy.

'We believe there’s a revolution about to sweep the sector, and we want coffee professionals to be at the heart of it.”