RA Group launches first UK catering site with planet-friendly menus

Specialist food company, Restaurant Associates (RA Group) is going to impressive lengths to minimise its carbon footprint with the launch of the latest offering.

e10 is the UK’s first catering operation that prioritises the planet through its food and beverage menus, aiming to have a net zero goal by 2030, promote biodiversity and support social enterprises.

Just opened, the planet-friendly cafe is set within one of London’s most spectacular buildings, Somerset House.

‘Coffee for Causes’ artisan beverages will be available serving initiatives such as Off the Streets and the Outside Project with every cup sold. All furniture and fittings have been upcycled and particular focus has been spent to ensure they minimize food waste and use local sourcing where possible.

The seed-to-plate philosophy will include traffic-lit menus to inform customers of the comparative volume vs footprint their food choice carries. Menus will celebrate vegetables as the hero ingredients however a small number of dishes will include British organic eggs, Red Tractor certified meat and fish that is Marine Stewardship Council certified 1-3.

Steve Chandler, Managing Director of Restaurant Associates Venues, said, “e10 is not shared as a perfect solution but as a work-in-progress that prioritises wellness in every sense: the wellness of our people, of our wider communities, of the planet and of the natural capital that sustains it.

'Everything is based on specialist expertise so that all our clients can ‘do their bit’ that bit better, through brilliant food and drink.“