Tossed launches UK’s healthiest, freshest vending machine

Tossed, London’s original ‘create your own’ salad bar concept with eleven sites from the City to the West End, is meeting the population’s evolving nutritional needs with a fully-customisable range of salads, power bowls and wraps.

Forerunners in technology, its kiosk ordering points in store to allow guest to create their own masterpiece, tailoring dishes to their personal taste and diet, with nutritional information available at the point of ordering. Vegan and meat-free choices can be securely made, and bespoke eating has never been more simple or attainable.

Now Londoners can create their own masterpiece right from their office chair using Tossed’s Click and collect means everyone can create their own masterpiece from their office chair, whilst Tossed a has a range of distanced and corporate delivery solutions to meet the post-Covid market, including SpeedyGreens, the UK’s healthiest freshest vending machine.

SpeedyGreens by Tossed is stocked fresh daily with a wide range of salads, wraps, gym food, snacks and drinks, allowing access to healthy food 24-7, and is proving particularly popular with corporates and in hospitals, where the staff and visitors love the opportunity to select something fresh and healthy to eat or drink.

Featuring anti-microbial touchscreen technology, SpeedyGreens’ simple, intuitive interface allows customers to browse the menu, view nutritional and allergy information and select their choices. Payments are contactless only.