Synergy Grill Technology encourages operators to #ChallengeSynergy at HRC

Synergy Grill Technology is encouraging operators to #ChallengeSynergy at this year’s Hotel, Restaurant & Catering show by taking their gas bill to stand P505 to see how much they could save when they switch to Synergy.

Utilising the company’s cost savings calculator, this quick and simple online tool allows operators to gain a more accurate understanding of the fuel, CO2, labour, and maintenance savings that they could gain in comparison to their current model of grill.

Justin Cadbury, Chairman of Synergy Grill Technology, explained just how important it is to start making energy savings sooner rather than later. He said, “It’s a staggering statistic that the world price of gas is a whopping 13 times more expensive than it was just one year ago!

“With quick action, operators can save themselves from this massive increase by securing themselves a 59% energy saving when they switch to a Synergy Grill, avoiding the rising running costs simply by moving to a brilliant piece of British technology.

“By bringing their energy bills to our stand, operators will be astonished at the potential savings they could make within just one year when they switch to Synergy.'

Cadbury explained, “With such a precise and detailed tool as our cost-savings calculator, there is no excuse for operators to ignore the many cost saving credentials of a Synergy Grill, especially when the calculations can be retrieved in a matter of minutes by filling in a few, simple venue-specific details.'

He added, “It’s time for operators to take their head out of the sand and start making serious savings. The only way for energy prices is up, and it’s a sad reality that the more you delay, the more you pay!”

As a British supplier that has sustainability at the very core, Synergy Grill’s revolutionary, patented burner technology allows operators to cut gas consumption by a massive 59% and electricity consumption by 25%.

Synergy’s patented heat capturing combustion system delivers this massive financial saving by ensuring that the high heat is focused directly on the food, therefore requiring less energy, and providing both an economical and sustainable grilling experience.