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Robinsons Brewery launches two new permanent beers

Robinsons Brewery has announced the launch of two new beers, Pilsner Unfiltered and Citra Pale Ale, which join its roster of award-winning cask ales and kegged beers that are served in the group's 230 pubs across the North West, Cumbria and North Wales.

The first beer, Pilsner Unfiltered, which recently trialed under Robinsons’ new Unicorn Brewing brand, joins the likes of Helles, Pitch and Hopnik, bolstering their core range of kegged beers.

Pilsner Unfiltered is a 4% ABV new world lager which uses four authentic German hops and is brewed to traditional methods with a modern twist. By unfiltering, Robinsons allow flavours to fully develop resulting in a clean and crisp lager with a slightly sweet taste, hoppy aroma and a short bitterness.

Sam Kennerley, Brands and Drinks Manager, said, “We recently launched Pilsner into our craft keg club range to gauge feedback on this new liquid from both our partners and our customers. The goal was always to create a great drink that spins the idea of what a Pilsner is slightly on its head.

'We were blown away by the positive feedback to the beer, some of which called it our best lager ever, so it felt only right that we now make Pilsner Unfiltered a permanent part of the Robinsons family of beers.”

The unfiltered nature of the beer also provides Robinsons with its first vegan-friendly beer that will be widely available as part of their range.

Sam added, “Providing choices in our pubs is really important to us. Like everyone, we’ve seen the growth of consumers making healthier and eco conscious choices, so offering a truly vegan friendly beer is a great step forward for our own range of beers.”

Along with Pilsner, Citra Pale Ale will join Robinsons’ core cask range after successful stints as a seasonal beer throughout 2022. Citra Pale Ale is a popular hoppy 3.4% ABV pale ale that is jam-packed full of delicious Citra hops that deliver a sweet, fresh and citrus taste.

“Citra is a beer we are really proud of at Robinsons. Just like Dizzy Blonde, it started out life as a seasonal beer last year and was immensely popular throughout our pubs,' said Sam.

'With summer just around the corner, the time felt right to bring Citra back as a permanent addition to our award-winning cask ale range and provide a great lower ABV cask choice for our customers.'

Pilsner Unfiltered and Citra Pale Ale are available at selected Robinsons pubs from April 2023.